Schoolboy Space Race: Andy Janes

The 1930's heralded the greatest race of our time - A schoolboy race to the Moon! Kept secret for almost 80 years the story can now be told of a small British schoolboy as he races against rival nations and their child goliaths of science.

Crosshunt: Emilie Timmermans

A tale of a conflict between two satanic sisters and an evil teacher in an english boarding school...

My Boy: Jess Jackson

If there's an elephant in the room, the British will be the first to  find it. Spanning four decades, it's a story of biscuits, family and  politeness gone mad.

Knight Spiffs: Laura B. Schjødt

Illustrations on the Spiffing times of Knights, with romanti-tragic undertones.

Mammoth: Dave Vinicombe

Trevor Vicious: Rej Bourdages

Being a Canadian fish in British water so to speak, I figured I could transform myself into an obnoxious punk , allowing me to rant on about my favorite UK pet peeves. I wish I had an extra page to allow myself to rant about "Bank Holidays" . Don't get me wrong, I love myself a day off, but do you have to soil it by naming precious time off with banking institutions? For a country that INVENTED english language.....you could have done better. Just sayin.

Wheelie: Matt Jones

In September 2010 eighty-one year old Red Wharf Bay resident Albert Forking rowed out into high seas to retrieve his neighbour’s wheelie bin. Without water-proof clothing or a life-vest he was dragged out to open sea . . .

Tommy: Ashley Boddy

So...a story from the trenches. Happy subject matter isn't it? Anyway, a soldier sits in a trench on the eve of the Battle of Passchendaele, October 25th, 1917, writing a letter home as he thinks through his memories of The Great War. Rendered in two different styles, one for the memories and one for the real, will this letter be his last?

Boudica: JP Vine

Hey there peeps. My story is about that foxy figurehead of bloodthirsty brits, Boudica. (like the alliteration?) It's told  from the perspective of a Roman soldier on his first tour of duty in rain-soaked Britain. I've veered through all sorts of art styles for it, but finally settled on this high contrast look. Just hope I can get it all finished! There's more development art at: http://jpvine.com/category/blog/

Loooking forward to everyone's contributions...