Tales of the Spiffing: Volume 2

Tales of the Spiffing Volume 2 is being drawn as I type...although we're not sure when it'll arrive. What we are sure of is that it is going to look great! Take a look -

We're taking a bit of time over this one. The stories are longer and it's a little more complex than the last one to put together but when it gets a little closer we'll let the world know!

How did we do it?

So those lovely people over at Skwigly Online Magazine (an animation orientated news site...bit like the brew) interviewed us a while back about the "Tales of the Spiffing". I just got an email to tell me it's online! So stop reading this and go and read that instead!

We've opened up shop!

We've only gone and made it a bit simpler to get hold of a copy of "Tales of the Spiffing". If you click on the banner at the foot of the blog then you will be guided to a lovely online store where you can browse around and buy not only the book, but also prints and sketches by the various artists which we sell at shows and will be available on an ad-hoc basis.

And in a further development, we've gone digital! For anyone out there with an iPad, "Tales of the Spiffing" is available through the WHAMIX! reader app. There is some great stuff available to read through it and the content is always expanding, so what are you waiting for?

KAPOW! London

We just had an amazing weekend at KAPOW! in London. Met a lot of fantastic people, did a ton of sketching and broke a couple of World Records to boot! Thanks to all who picked up a copy of "Tales of the Spiffing" - we hope you enjoy it!

Help Japan

We donated copies of "Tales of the Spiffing" to an organisation aiding the victims of the recent earthquake and aftermath. They were very limited and all came with a book plate. All the proceeds from the book went towards the relief effort in Japan. There was actually no price on the book although a minimum donation must be put forward to get hold of a copy. We were hoping people opted to go above that, and they did!! Over all we raised just shy of $1000.